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We are sorry for not posting anything since the last year, but now we would like to wish a happy new year and a successful new one afterwards to the lovers of motocross, to all of the competitors and of course our sponsors.

Surely you have heard about the fact, that Brian Hsu will not be member of our team in 2018.
Also we will not have any competitors in the category MX2.

At the same time we are happy to introduce our new racer, Noel Zanócz, who will take part at the Hungarian championship, the ADAC and the European championship in the junior category.

We are also happy to start a new, successful year with Jernej Irt, who is an “old but gold” member of our team. He will be racing in the category MX1 at MXGP, and adac.

We would like to say thank you to all of the support and the cheering last year we got from our sponsors, and fans. Hopefully this will not change this year, because you can be sure that 2018 will be another good year for exciting competitions. Let the races begin.

Villars-Sous-Ecot or MXGP Pays de Montbeliard was the last round of the MXGP in 2017

2017.09 Villars

2017.09 Villars

Nobody expected a dry race and muddy it was for sure. Jernej Irt was the only rider in our team this weekend.
The first day in the qualification race Jernej got the 27th place.
Sunday was very difficult with the slippery and muddy track which resulted in crashes for many riders. In the 1st race Jernej went till the 18th place, in the 2nd race he finished in the 20th position. Overall he finished 21st and took 4 points ending up with place 37 and 10 points overall in the Motocross World Championship.
We still have another event to attend in 2 weeks, which is the Motocross of Nations in Matterley Basin, UK where Jernej Irt will be part of the Slovenian team in the Open category. His team mates will be Tim Gajser and Jan Pancar.

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2017.09 Assen

2017.09 Assen


The 18th race of the season was held in the TT-circuit of Assen in the Netherlands last weekend. The battles were brilliant on the sand even after the heavy rains on Friday and Saturday. In the qualification race Jernej Irt finished in the 22nd place. 

Sunday brought bright blue skies and the track started to dry out. In the first moto Jernej finished in the 20th position, in the second race he finished in the 25th position. Overall he took the 22nd place and receiving one more points in the MXGP.

Unfortunately due to his shoulder injury Brian Hsu have to skip the rest of the season. 

The next race will be held in Villars-Sous-Ecot, France on the 16-17th of September.

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In Sweden, Uddevalla:

on saturday at qualification races, Brian Hsu finished at place 30, and Jernej Irt at place 20.

In the first moto Jernej finished at place 21, in the second moto finished at place 19.

Brian in the first moto finished at place 19, in the second moto finished at place 15.
Brian has crashed two times in the first moto.
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In Switzerland, Frauenfeld:

We had a slippery muddy soil at the race on saturday at qualification races. Brian Hsu finished at place 10, and Jernej Irt at place 18.

Sunday was a bit better, the mud dried out, but the track was still quiet difficult. Luckily we could start from a good position.

In the first moto both of our racers competed well, in the first moto they finished at place 12(Brian) and 22(Jernej).

In the second moto Brian crashed after the start but came up to the 25th place. Unfortunately he crashed again, where he got injured and he was taken to the hospital. Luckily it was not that serious, so he will be able to take a part of the next race in Sweden.

Jernej Irt finished in the second moto at place 18, which means that he collected his first 3 wold championship points ! Congratulations !!

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Motocross World Championship was held in Lommel,

the racetrack showed it’s hardest face, which caused that the racers had to fight with the difficulties of the track. In the qualifying race Brian finished at place 11. In the second race his start was good, but unfortunately he was crashed. He finished at place 17.
Thanks for the support Nils!
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This weekend at MXGP Brian Hsu has made a nice race at Loket.

In the first round he finished at place 9, in the second race his start was good too(10th place), but unfortunately both because of his mistake and another riders mistake, he had to keep going on the 36th place.
Jernej Irt’s tribute at MXGP last weekend was not that good. He finished at place 29. After a few falls and stand up-s he managed to finish at the 26th place starting from the last place.
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Our team has reached varying results at the last MXGP race in Ottobiano.

Racers were fighting in a 40 degree high temperature, some of them had been taken to the hospital because of heat shock. The member of the Husqvarna Maurer Racing Team had to stop the race because of similar problems. Brian Hsu has made a nice start but after around 12 minutes he had to left the track because of illness. Jernej Irt freshly recovered from his shoulder injury and he crashed again, so he had to stop the race too. That’s why we are not going to take part in the competition in Portugal next weekend.

Next time we will meet in Loket, until then good recovery for the guys and good preparation for the competitors.

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The 9 th round of Motocross World Championship was arranged on the hard track of Ernee.

On Saturday Brian Hsu in MX2 has finished at the 8th place in the first moto. In the second moto he finished at the 21th place. Unfortunately our team cannot race in the next MXGP of Russia because of administrational reasons. You can see us next on Ottobiano in italy.

The 8 th round of Motocross World Championship was arranged on the excessively technical Teutschenthall track.

Our team riders on the qualifier day of Saturday Brian Hsu in MX2 finished at 17. place, Jernej Irt finished at 24. place in MXGP. On the Sunday’ s races the racetrack showed it’s hardest face, which caused that the racers had to fight with the difficulties of the track.
In the moto Brian Hsu competed very good and he finished at the fifth place. In the second race in sixth round of the race he crash, which caused the damage of the rear brake so he had to finish the competition. In the totals of the two races, he finished at the 13. place of German GP.
In MXGP Jernej Irt crashed in the fourth round of the first race and his shoulder went out. The doctors on the race track put it back, but he had to finish the race-weekend. Because of many injuries Jernej got out of the racing for the indefinite period while he will not be completely healthy. We wish him all the best and hope we will see him later in MXGP again.

Check out the new video about our team here:

The seventh round of Motocross World Championship was held yesterday in Kegums,

where our team sadly could not achieve very good places but we hope that the next race will be better. We meet in Teutschenthal Germany in two weeks.

Brian Hsu MX2 classes: first moto 18, second moto 22.
Jernej Irt   MX1 classes: first moto 35, second moto 33

The 6th round of FIM Motocross Championship has taken place last weekend in Valkenswaard.

Brian Hsu gained the 5th place in the qualification races, which made our team really happy. In the first race at sunday he unfortunately crashed with another rider in the second lap, after this accident he fell again, so he finished the race at the 32th place. In the second race he made a nice start too, managed it until the second place but finished the race at the 6th place. overall he got place 13. We hope he will be as successful as last time and succeed in reaching his goals. See you next race in Kegums , can’t wait for the following races with Jernej IRT- MXGP and Brian HSU- MX2.

The FIM Motocross World Championship has returned to Europe with the 5th round which was organized last weekend at the track of Pietramurata Arco di Trentino, located in Italy.

Our team was represented by the young talent Brian Hsu of the MX2 cathegory. Brian finished the qualification race at the 19th place on Saturday. On Sunday in the first race at the beginning he was 14th and after an exhausting fight he finished at the 8th place. His second race started similarly to the previous one, but while fighting for a position among the top ten, but a rider in front of him crashed which made him fell too. His front break got completely damaged, and he has to finish the race without it on the 22nd place. Unfortunately Jernej was not able to participate the race because of his injury, but he is going to restart racing in two weeks (Jauer ADAC MX MASTERS).

The next race is in Valkenswaard, Nederlands which will be the 6th round of the FIM Motocross Word Championship. Thanks for the support of our Sponsors, we hope we can reach this performance next weekend in Valkenswaard.

It’s official. Jernej Irt will be driving MXGP and ADAC MX Masters with Husqvarna Maurergép Racing Team next season! Stay tuned.

Brian Hsu will be driving with Husqvarna Maurergép Racing Team next season! Stay tuned.

We prodly presents our main sponsor, the Husqvarna Maurer ‘s new shop!
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Husqvarna Maurer-gép Racing Team is pleased to announce the partnership with the Twin Air, performance air filter manufacturer.
The Twin Air and the Husqvarna Maurer-gép Racing Team has signed a multi-year agreement to support the team in the MXGP Championship.

“The team manager Csaba Maurer and team is thanks for the support.”